Man Of Sorrows With Hands Raised (1500) by Albrecht Durer

Man Of Sorrows With Hands Raised - Albrecht Durer - 1500

Artwork Information

TitleMan Of Sorrows With Hands Raised
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Man Of Sorrows With Hands Raised

The artwork titled “Man Of Sorrows With Hands Raised” is a creation by Albrecht Dürer, dated back to the year 1500. This piece is an engraving, a technique which Dürer was particularly renowned for, showcasing his masterful grasp of line and detail. Characteristic of the Northern Renaissance, an art movement known for its detailed imagery and complex iconography, this religious painting continues to influence the discourse of art history. The engraving is currently held in a private collection.

The somber depiction in the engraving presents a man, implied to be Jesus Christ, standing upright with hands raised, bearing the stigmata and a crown of thorns. His expression is one of resignation and sorrow, and the work is imbued with a powerful emotional resonance as it captures the essence of suffering. His exposed torso reveals a toned physique, possibly reflecting Renaissance ideals of human anatomy. The details, such as the rendering of the muscles and the texture of his hair and crown, are finely executed.

In the foreground at the figure’s feet, there are various objects, noticeably including a couple of skulls, which might symbolize mortality or the location at Golgotha, the site of the crucifixion according to Christian tradition. Additionally, some bones and a hammer with what appear to be nails lie scattered, alluding to the instruments of the crucifixion. This setting outlines the narrative of sacrifice and reflection on mortality that the image intends to convey, tying it closely to its religious theme.

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