Man Reading in the Park (1914) by August Macke

Man Reading in the Park - August Macke - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleMan Reading in the Park
ArtistAugust Macke
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions86.5 x 100.3 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationMuseum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

About Man Reading in the Park

The artwork titled “Man Reading in the Park” is an oil on canvas painting by German artist August Macke, created in 1914. It exemplifies the Expressionist movement and can be categorized under genre painting, capturing a commonplace scene with an expressive touch. Measuring 86.5 x 100.3 cm, this piece is housed at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, where it contributes to the rich tapestry of early 20th-century art.

August Macke’s “Man Reading in the Park” depicts a solitary figure engrossed in reading on a wooden bench amidst a lush park setting. The palette is vibrant with swift brushstrokes that lend vitality and movement to the foliage around, capturing the play of light and shadow with bold contrasts and an array of colors that border on the abstract. The man is represented with simplified forms, his attire blending with the surroundings, emphasizing how he is immersed not only in his reading but also in the natural environment. The artwork’s composition leads the viewer’s eye through the scene, with the trees framing the subject and encapsulating the tranquility of a moment of leisure and reflection in a bucolic outdoor space.

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