Man Smoking (1914) by Alberto Magnelli

Man Smoking - Alberto Magnelli - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleMan Smoking
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementCubism,Fauvism
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About Man Smoking

The artwork titled “Man Smoking” is a creation by Alberto Magnelli from the year 1914. As a work that falls under the genres of Cubism and Fauvism, it constitutes a portrait that showcases the traits of both movements, such as the use of geometric abstraction and bold colors.

The artwork depicts a figure that can be interpreted as a man engaged in the act of smoking. The artist utilizes a vibrant palette, with contrasting shades that draw the viewer’s eye across the composition. Characteristic of the Cubist style, the subjects within the painting are broken down into a series of geometric shapes, challenging the traditional perspective and composition found in earlier portraiture. The juxtaposition of colors and forms creates a dynamic tension, while also providing a sense of depth and structure within the two-dimensional plane. The figure itself is portrayed in a fragmented manner, with the smoking pipe being one of the more discernible objects, adding to the titular theme of the artwork. The influence of Fauvism is evident in the choice of vivid, unmodulated colors that convey an emotional intensity separate from the subject’s realistic depiction.

The overall effect is a complex and layered portrayal that invites contemplation, urging the viewer to explore the interplay between form, color, and conventional representation.

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