Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills (1964) by David Hockney

Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills - David Hockney - 1964

Artwork Information

TitleMan Taking Shower in Beverly Hills
ArtistDavid Hockney
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
Dimensions65 1/2 x 65 1/2 in. (167 x 167 cm)
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills

David Hockney’s 1964 painting, “Man in Shower in Beverly Hills,” is a striking work of art that showcases some of the artist’s favorite themes. Hockney, one of the first artists to extensively use acrylic paint, believed that it was better suited to depict California landscapes than traditional oil paints. The painting features a domestic scene with homoerotic undertones, inspired by a photograph taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

The painting is part of Hockney’s California Dreaming series and was purchased by Betty Freeman as the centerpiece of her art collection. However, beyond its artistic value, “Man in Shower in Beverly Hills” also serves as an important cultural artifact. It depicts an intimate moment between two men at a time when homosexuality was still largely taboo.

Hockney’s use of vibrant colors and bold lines captures the energy and movement of water cascading down the shower head onto the man below. The composition draws attention both to the figure himself and his environment – a luxurious bathroom with marbled tiles and sleek fixtures. This juxtaposition highlights one of Hockney’s major preoccupations as an artist: exploring how people interact with their surroundings.

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