Man with a Glove (c.1520) by Titian

Man with a Glove - Titian - c.1520

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Artwork Information

TitleMan with a Glove
Dimensions100 x 89 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Man with a Glove

The artwork “Man with a Glove” was created by the renowned High Renaissance artist Titian around the year 1520. This portrait, executed in oil on canvas, measures 100 by 89 centimeters. As an exemplary piece of the High Renaissance movement, it currently resides within the prestigious collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

The artwork presents an elegantly attired male figure, rendered with meticulous attention to detail and subtle gradations of light and shade which reveal Titian’s mastery over the medium of oil painting. The subject’s gaze is direct and seems to connect with the viewer, a characteristic of portraiture from this era that aimed to imbue the subject with a sense of presence and psychological depth. The individual’s dark clothing is contrasted with the delicate, almost luminescent rendering of his pale skin and the crisp white ruffles at his neck and wrists. His left hand dons a refined, ornamental glove, a symbol of status and sophistication during the Renaissance, while his right hand is bare and adorned with a gold ring, subtly pointing towards his social standing. The subdued palette and controlled brushstrokes contribute to the overall aura of refinement and poise, typical of Titian’s portraits which not only capture the likeness but also the nuanced character of the sitter.

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