Man With A Pink (1435) by Jan Van Eyck

Man With A Pink - Jan Van Eyck - 1435

Artwork Information

TitleMan With A Pink
ArtistJan Van Eyck
MediumOil On Panel
Dimensions40 x 31 cm

About Man With A Pink

Man with Pinks, a portrait created by Jan van Eyck in approximately 1435, is displayed at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin. The painting showcases van Eyck’s precise and detailed approach to portraiture. The sitter in the painting has a stubbled face and semi-bloodshot eyes, suggesting that he is entering middle age. This sharp analysis of the subject is characteristic of all of van Eyck’s portraits.

Jan van Eyck played a significant role as a founder of Early Netherlandish painting and one of Northern Renaissance art’s most significant representatives. His use of oil on panel paintings was groundbreaking during his career. Van Eyck used his considerable skill to achieve an extraordinarily advanced level of realism in his works, frequently incorporating disguised religious symbols.

It is always interesting to note when examining works from great artists such as Jan van Eyck that very little documentation exists regarding his intention for creating Man with Pinks. However, what we can take away from this piece is the extraordinary attention to detail paid to every aspect of this work’s composition. Each aspect serves its purpose within the artwork seamlessly, making it another masterpiece by Jan van Eyck that will continue captivating artists and admirers alike forevermore.

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