Man with Dog (1989) by Fernando Botero

Man with Dog - Fernando Botero - 1989

Artwork Information

TitleMan with Dog
ArtistFernando Botero
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions104.1 x 129.5 cm

About Man with Dog

Fernando Botero’s Man with Dog is a tribute to the bond between man and his loyal companion. Created in 1989, it is one of Botero’s many volumetric stylizations of figures, painted in flat and bright colors with bold outlines, a style known as “Boterismo” which references Latin American folk art.

Man with Dog stays true to Botero’s signature style of round, full-bodied characters. It was created as a tribute to Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, with Botero staying faithful to the original composition, color scheme and symbolic details such as the dog representing loyalty and nobility.

Botero has created sculpture in addition to his paintings. He produced enormous bronze figures and animals that measured eight to fifteen feet tall or long. This work was authenticated by a Certificate of Authenticity given its unique status.

In May 2019 at Christie’s New York auction for Latin American Art, one of Botero’s canine-inspired works titled “Dog” sold for USD 30,000. With its bold color choices and powerful symbolism emphasizing humanity’s relationship to dogs as pets or even companions through history is evident in Man with Dog creating importance around this piece for travelers visiting exhibition featuring this painting.

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