Man with Helmet (Greek Art)

Man with Helmet - Greek Art -

Artwork Information

TitleMan with Helmet
ArtistGreek Art
Current LocationNational Museum, Reggio di Calabria

About Man with Helmet

This greek statue, named “Man with Helmet”, was found in 1972 in the Bay of Riace, Calabria, Italy.  It currently resides in the National Museum in Reggio di Calabria.

Greek and Roman galleries display materials in which ancient artists and craftsmen worked, such as marble, bronze, and gold. Greek mythology has been a source of inspiration for artists throughout the centuries, as evidenced by famous Greek mythology paintings in art history. The ancient Greek helmet is a familiar motif in popular cultural depictions of Greek history and mythology. The Man With Helmet in Greek art is a common subject, reflecting the importance of warfare in Greek society. The Greek helmet, decorated with symbols and motifs, illustrates the skill and craftsmanship of ancient Greek helmet makers.

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