Manifestation. October 17, 1905 (1907) by Ilya Repin

Manifestation. October 17, 1905 - Ilya Repin - 1907

Artwork Information

TitleManifestation. October 17, 1905
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Manifestation. October 17, 1905

The artwork titled “Manifestation. October 17, 1905,” created by Ilya Repin, dates back to 1907. This piece is a striking example of history painting that falls within the Realism art movement. As a historical representation, it captures the intensity and fervor of a critical moment in time—namely the events surrounding the Russian Revolution of 1905.

The artwork depicts a bustling crowd of people who appear to be in the midst of a protest or demonstration. The composition of the scene is dense with individuals, suggesting the mass mobilization of various social strata rallying together for a common cause. Individuals within the crowd are captured in a variety of expressions and gestures, conveying a sense of urgency and passionate participation.

A prominent figure in the foreground holds a red banner aloft, which serves as a focal point in the chaotic assemblage of characters. The presence of red, a color often associated with revolution and resistance, dominates this central element of the scene. Faces in the crowd are portrayed with realistic detail, adding to the intensity and emotional depth of the scene. Some individuals are looking upwards, possibly towards a speaker or a symbolic representation, their faces marked with expressions ranging from enthusiasm to desperation, which collectively encapsulate the atmosphere of hope and tension characteristic of political demonstrations.

The background of the artwork seems to dissolve into a haze, placing the emphasis on the immediate actions and emotions of the foreground figures. Despite being a historical painting, the artwork exudes a sense of immediacy and living history, inviting viewers to experience the gravity and fervor of the moment it represents. Through this work, Repin successfully conveys the collective sentiment of an epochal day in Russian history, etching its memory into the canvas with vigorous brushwork and an acute attention to the human element at the heart of societal change.

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