Manuscript page on the Sforza monument (c.1493; Milan, Italy) by Leonardo da Vinci

Manuscript page on the Sforza monument - Leonardo da Vinci - c.1493; Milan, Italy

Artwork Information

TitleManuscript page on the Sforza monument
ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Datec.1493; Milan, Italy
Dimensions21 x 15 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationBiblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid, Spain

About Manuscript page on the Sforza monument

The artwork “Manuscript page on the Sforza monument” by Leonardo da Vinci, dating from circa 1493, is associated with the artistic zeal of the High Renaissance period. The drawing was executed in ink on a paper surface, measuring approximately 21 by 15 centimeters. Originating in Milan, Italy, this work serves as a sketch and study. Presently, it is housed in the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid, Spain.

The artwork exhibits a series of detailed sketches accompanied by text annotations, a hallmark of da Vinci’s approach to documenting ideas and engineering concepts. Among the sketches, there is a top view and a side view of what appears to be mechanical gears or parts of machinery. These diagrams are meticulously arranged, suggesting that da Vinci was thoroughly exploring the mechanical intricacies of certain components related to the Sforza monument.

The text, likely written in da Vinci’s typical mirror script, runs alongside the drawings and is presumably expounding on the functionalities and design intentions of the depicted components. Also evident is a conceptual drawing that seems to represent a planar view with a central circle, offering a geometrically balanced design.

Moreover, there are smaller drawings of curved architectural features, reflecting da Vinci’s diverse interests that spanned from sculpture and painting to architecture and engineering. The studied page stands as a testament to da Vinci’s methodical process and his dedication to the integration of art and science, elements that were central to the ethos of the High Renaissance.

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