Map by Jasper Johns

Map - Jasper Johns -

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ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Map

The artwork entitled “Map” is a creation by Jasper Johns, a prominent figure connected to the Abstract Expressionism movement. Despite the association with this movement, Johns’ work often embodies characteristics of a transition to Pop Art. Produced in the genre of abstract art, this piece diverges from traditional representational painting, employing a unique style that captures both the gestural brushwork of Abstract Expressionism and the conceptual focus that heralds the impending Pop Art era.

“Map” presents a vibrant, chaotic interpretation of a United States map, where the integrity of state boundaries and typical cartographic features are submerged beneath layers of vigorous, textured brushstrokes and a bold color palette. The geographical silhouettes and names of the states are discernible amidst the flurry of crimson, ochre, cerulean, and alabaster hues, which intermingle and overlap with dynamic energy. Johns’ manipulation of color and form here is not simply for visual impact but serves as a commentary on the nature of symbols and the powerful role familiar images play in our collective consciousness. The artwork challenges viewers to consider the relationship between a visual symbol and its connotation, and how that association can be disrupted and reinterpreted through artistic manipulation.

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