Map of What Is Effortless (1978) by Francesco Clemente

Map of What Is Effortless - Clemente, Francesco - 1978 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleMap of What Is Effortless
ArtistFrancesco Clemente
MediumGouache on paper
Dimensions60 x 57 in (152.4 x 144.8 cm)
Art MovementTransavantgarde
Current LocationPrivate collection
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About Map of What Is Effortless

Francesco Clemente’s Map of What is Effortless painting was completed in 1978. It is an opaque watercolor painting on paper depicting a hand with an animal perched on each finger: a zebra, tiger, elephant, lion, and giraffe. The animals were inspired by African culture and are painted against a blue-gray backdrop surrounded by a blue border.

Although the painting may be seen as a departure from Clemente’s typical themes of sexuality and spirituality, it still represents his unique style as part of the Transavanguardia movement. The use of animals reflects themes of nature and life that are present in many of his other works.

Map of What is Effortless is currently part of a private collection and cannot be viewed in public galleries or museums.

Overall, Clemente’s Map Of What Is Effortless painting displays his artistic abilities and interests when it comes to incorporating elements such as nature into his work. Though not widely accessible due to being held in private ownership, those who have seen it can appreciate its uniqueness for its time period in reference to the artist’s usual subjects.

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