Margaret Evans Pregnant (1978) by Alice Neel

Margaret Evans Pregnant - Neel, Alice - 1978

Artwork Information

TitleMargaret Evans Pregnant
ArtistAlice Neel
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions57 3/4 x 38 in (146.7 x 96.5 cm)
Current LocationPrivate collection, New York

About Margaret Evans Pregnant

Margaret Evans Pregnant is a painting created in 1978 by renowned Alice Neel artist. This painting depicts the wife of artist John Evans uncomfortably sitting on a small stool, her figure significantly altered due to her pregnancy. Through her artwork, Neel captures the impact of motherhood and the transformative experience of carrying a child within oneself. Neel was best known for creating figurative paintings, but she was also an accomplished portrait painter. She was considered one of history’s great painters in terms of documenting motherhood and always designed her subjects to represent beauty and courage associated with giving birth. Margaret Evans Pregnant is currently held at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and serves as an example of Neel’s remarkable talent for capturing the experience of motherhood.

Another great example of Alice Neel’s artwork exploring motherhood can be found in the 1973 masterpiece Linda Nochlin And Daisy. In this painting, Neel pays special tribute to women who devote themselves to motherhood or childcare despite all its hardships. As seen through her artwork, Neel understood that mothers take on so much responsibility and sacrifice much for their children, making them deserving to be honored and celebrated. As such, Linda Nochlin And Daisy serves as a great testament to this very idea.

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