Margareta Snyders (c. 1620) by Anthony Van Wyck

Margareta Snyders - Anthony Van Dyck - c.1620

Artwork Information

TitleMargareta Snyders
ArtistAnthony Van Dyck
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions130.7 x 99.3 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationFrick Collection, New York
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About Margareta Snyders

The painting Margareta Snyders by Anthony Van Dyck, also known as Denyders, measures 51.5 x 39.1 inches and was painted between 1618 and 1621. This artwork depicts Margareta Denyders, whose father was a distiller, and is seen wearing the costume of her social class in the 17th century. This painting showcases Van Dyck’s remarkable mastery of Dutch Baroque painting style, a technique that highlights his customary Flemish Baroque painting style by utilising dramatic light contrast.

As well as being a master painter in Portrait Art, Van Dyck was also active in landscape art depicting animals – such as his well-known series of canvas paintings “Frans Snyders” (1620) which showcases the artist’s skill for depictions of lively birds and animals in detailed realism. While this work does not feature any direct contrast to Van Dyck’s other works, its representation of Dutch society from the 17th century sets it apart from his other pieces. Hence, this piece is an exceptional example of his genre for its intimate depiction of an extremely well-known figure in Dutch culture at that time.

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