Maria Josefa av Sachsen by Alexander Roslin

Maria Josefa av Sachsen - Alexander Roslin - 1776

Artwork Information

TitleMaria Josefa av Sachsen
ArtistAlexander Roslin
MediumPainting on Relined Canvas
Dimensions75 x 61 cm
Art MovementRococo

About Maria Josefa av Sachsen

The artwork titled “Maria Josefa av Sachsen” is a creation by artist Alexander Roslin, dating back to the year 1776. This painting is crafted on relined canvas, a testament to the care taken to preserve the artwork over the centuries. Measuring 75 by 61 centimeters, the painting is a product of the Rococo art movement, which is known for its ornate and decorative style, often emphasizing grace, beauty, and gentility.

The painting presents a portrait of a woman exuding the elegance and poise characteristic of the Rococo period. Her countenance is gentle and composed, with soft facial features that exhibit a serene demeanor. A delicate pink bow adorns her hair, coordinating with the warm color palette of her attire. The subject’s gown is rich with detail: embellished with ruffles, ribbon, and what appears to be fur trimmings, it encapsulates the luxurious fashion of the era.

The masterful use of lighting in the artwork highlights the subject’s face and the intricate textures of her dress, enhancing the three-dimensionality and depth of the composition. The predominantly dark background serves to draw the viewer’s attention to the subject, illustrating the artist’s skill in focusing on the elegance and refined attributes of the sitter. Overall, the artwork is a representative example of the sophisticated style and artistic prowess that defined the Rococo period.

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