Maria Josefa av Sachsen by Alexander Roslin

Maria Josefa av Sachsen - Alexander Roslin - 1776

Artwork Information

TitleMaria Josefa av Sachsen
ArtistAlexander Roslin
MediumPainting on Relined Canvas
Dimensions75 x 61 cm
Art MovementRococo
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About Maria Josefa av Sachsen

Maria Josefa av Sachsen is the subject of a Rococo-style oil painting on canvas by Alexander Roslin. Measuring 75 x 61 cm, the portrait depicts the noblewoman with a dog and is signed by the artist. Maria Josefa, who lived from 1731 to 1767, was a member of the House of Wettin and married King Ferdinand IV of Naples at age sixteen. The artwork was auctioned in June 2018 at Bukowski but did not sell.

Roslin was known for his portraits of royalty and nobility, including Empress Maria Feodorovna and Count Georg Adam von Starhemberg.

Overall, the painting showcases Roslin’s talent for capturing his subjects’ beauty and personality through detailed depictions that showcase their luxurious outfits and pets. The portrait also serves as a reminder of Maria Josefa’s influential position in European nobility during her short life.

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