Mariana Waldstein, Ninth Marquesa de Santa Cruz (1797) by Francisco Goya

Mariana Waldstein, Ninth Marquesa de Santa Cruz - Francisco Goya - 1797

Artwork Information

TitleMariana Waldstein, Ninth Marquesa de Santa Cruz
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions142 x 97 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Mariana Waldstein, Ninth Marquesa de Santa Cruz

The artwork entitled “Mariana Waldstein, Ninth Marquesa de Santa Cruz” is a fine example of Romanticism, executed in oil on canvas by Francisco Goya in 1797. Measuring 142 by 97 centimeters, this portrait can be found at the Louvre in Paris, France. Goya’s mastery of the Romantic style is evident in this piece, which features the notable Marquesa, providing both historical and artistic value to today’s audiences.

The portrait itself displays Mariana Waldstein, dressed in a lavish black gown accentuated with intricate lace details and a bow. The attire suggests opulence and high status, fitting for a marquesa. Her direct gaze engages the viewer, offering a sense of her personality and presence. The Marquesa’s posture is relaxed and confident, with one arm gracefully resting on what appears to be a stone baluster. A gentle smile plays on her lips, adding to the personal and accessible nature of the portrait.

The background of the artwork features a softly painted landscape, which includes rolling hills and a shadowy tree line under a dusky sky, common elements in Romantic paintings that emphasize nature and depth of emotion. The blur and vagueness of the background focus attention on the figure of the Marquesa, whose vivid depiction contrasts with the hazy scenery. While the Marquesa is at the center, the subtle landscape behind her provides context and underscores the Romantic movement’s fascination with the natural world as a complementary backdrop to human subjects.

Goya’s technique in the portrayal of textures, from the sitter’s luxurious fabrics to her delicate skin, displays his skill at capturing both the tangible and intangible aspects of his subject. This portrait is a testament to Goya’s ability to portray the nobility of his time while infusing his work with the emotional and stylistic characteristics of Romanticism.

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