Marie-Francoise Beauregard, Madame Riviere (1806) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Marie-Francoise Beauregard, Madame Riviere - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - c.1805 - c.1806

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Artwork Information

TitleMarie-Francoise Beauregard, Madame Riviere
ArtistJean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Datec.1805 - c.1806
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions116 x 90 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Marie-Francoise Beauregard, Madame Riviere

The artwork titled “Marie-Francoise Beauregard, Madame Riviere,” was created by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, a renowned Neoclassical artist. This portrait was painted circa 1805 – 1806 using the medium of oil on canvas. The neoclassical influence is evident in its style and execution. The artwork’s dimensions are 116 x 90 cm and it belongs to the portrait genre. The original painting is housed in the prestigious Louvre museum in Paris, France.

In the artwork, Madame Riviere is portrayed with a serene and composed expression typical of neoclassical portraiture, where the emphasis is often on idealized beauty and grace rather than a direct likeness. The subject is seated, her body gently turned towards the viewer, with one arm resting casually on a cushion and the other gracefully placed in her lap. She wears an empire-waist dress, which was fashionable in the early 19th century, characterized by a high waistline just below the bust, giving prominence to her figure’s graceful shape. The dress is a soft, off-white color with delicate gold accents at the hem and cuffs.

The use of light and shadow is subtle yet distinct, highlighting the softness of her skin and the texture of the fabrics. A sheer, gossamer veil adorns her hair and shoulders, adding to her refined and elegant appearance. Her jewelry is elegant and modest, consisting of a gold necklace and a simple pair of earrings, unostentatious yet befitting her status. She is surrounded by luxurious elements, such as the richly patterned shawl with oriental motifs and the plush blue furniture upon which she rests, reflecting her social standing.

Ingres’s precision in the depiction of textiles and the careful attention to detail in the shawl’s intricate pattern testify to his mastery over the medium and his careful study of form. The artist’s Neoclassical approach, aimed at achieving timeless beauty and perfect proportions, is evident throughout the composition, and the portrait is a testament to the elegance and refined aesthetics of the era.

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