Marilyn (1964) by Andy Warhol

Marilyn - Andy Warhol - 1967

Artwork Information

ArtistAndy Warhol
MediumSilkscreen and oil on Canvas
Dimensions40 x 40 in
Art MovementPop Art
Current LocationLeo Castelli Gallery, New York

About Marilyn

The artwork “Marilyn” by Andy Warhol, created in 1967, is a notable example of the Pop Art movement. It is a portrait consisting of silkscreen and oil on canvas, measuring 40 x 40 inches. This iconic piece represents the fascination with celebrity culture and mass media that is central to much of Warhol’s body of work. Initially exhibited at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York, “Marilyn” reflects Warhol’s signature style of utilizing vivid colors and repetitive imagery to comment on the commodification of fame.

The artwork depicts a close-up of the subject’s face, with saturated colors that create a striking contrast against the canvas. Warhol employed a technique in which he overlaid a photographic silkscreen with hand-applied areas of paint, resulting in a work that blurs the line between printmaking and painting. The prominence of features such as Marilyn’s lips and hair is highlighted by the use of bright reds and yellows, while the skin tone is rendered in a more subdued hue. The combination of color and form in “Marilyn” emphasizes the artist’s interest in the reproducibility of images and their impact on contemporary visual culture.

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