Marilyn Diptych (1962) by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Diptych - Andy Warhol - 1962

Artwork Information

TitleMarilyn Diptych
ArtistAndy Warhol
Dimensions208 x 145 cm (82 x 57 in)
Art MovementPop Art
Current LocationTate Modern, London, UK

About Marilyn Diptych

The artwork “Marilyn Diptych” is a significant piece by artist Andy Warhol, created in 1962. It embodies the principles of Pop Art through its medium of acrylic on canvas. Measuring 208 cm by 145 cm, the work is both a portrait and a figurative example of its genre. It is currently housed in the Tate Modern in London, United Kingdom.

In the artwork, Warhol presents a series of silkscreened images of Marilyn Monroe arranged in a grid format. The left side of the diptych is full of vibrant colors with recurring portraits of Marilyn, each brightly colored with variations involving shades of yellow for her hair, pinks for her face, and a blue eyeshadow highlighting her features. This approach emphasizes Warhol’s signature style, perpetuating the notion of mass production and the commodification of fame.

The right side of the diptych offers a stark contrast; it features the same image of Marilyn Monroe but in black and white, and the repetition fades into the background, symbolizing the fading of the actress’s life. The diptych acts as a commentary on the media and its consumption of celebrity images while also touching on themes of mortality and the ephemeral nature of fame. Warhol’s “Marilyn Diptych” is an iconic testament to both the artist’s vision and the cultural landscape of the 20th century.

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