Marjorie In A Yellow Shawl (1909) by Robert Henri

Marjorie In A Yellow Shawl - Robert Henri - 1909

Artwork Information

TitleMarjorie In A Yellow Shawl
ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions77 x 38 in.
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Marjorie In A Yellow Shawl

Marjorie in a Yellow Shawl is a significant oil painting that was created by Robert Henri in 1909. This American artist and teacher were deeply inspired by the Impressionist movements he encountered during his studies in Paris, leading him to initiate a revolt against American academic art and the conservative National Academy of Design.

The painting depicts Marjorie wearing a yellow shawl and stands 77 x 38 inches in size. It was gifted to the public by Alvin R.L. Dohme as a memorial for his parents. Although available as reproduction oil paintings, seeing the original artwork conveys a richer experience.

Henri’s creation has been described to represent women and children as vulnerable within societies experiencing prevalent violence, depicting Marjorie as such. The yellow hue of her shawl is widely thought to symbolize hope, optimism or joy which are emotions often associated with children’s emotional innocence.

In conclusion, “Marjorie in a Yellow Shawl” is essential in understanding Robert Henri’s unique artistic style due to its vivid depiction of society’s vulnerabilities amidst violence. It remains one of Henri’s most recognizable paintings and continues impacting those who encounter it today both for its beauty and social commentary significance.

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