Marquesa de la Solana (c. 1794-5) by Francisco Goya

Marquesa de la Solana - Francisco Goya - c. 1794-5

Artwork Information

TitleMarquesa de la Solana
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Datec. 1794-5
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions183 x 124 cm
Current LocationMusée du Louvre, Paris

About Marquesa de la Solana

Francisco Goya’s portrait of the Marquise de la Solana is a 1795 painting that portrays his friend as a powerful figure suspended in thought. The emotional intensity of the portrait is almost as great as his famous duchess portrait, but with a more solemn tone. Currently hanging in the Louvre Museum in Paris, this artwork was gifted to them by Carlos de Beistegui in 1953.

In this full-length composition, the Marquesa appears slightly sick, with her tired eyes and gaunt face painted rosy with fever. Francisco Goya captures her malaise subtly, which speaks volumes about his skillful approach to portraiture. The Marquesa exudes an air of sophistication and classiness despite her current condition.

The painting depicts the Marquesa displaying an elegant demeanor overlaying a subdued sadness due to her sickness. A closer observation reveals other details worth mentioning such as the luxurious gown she’s wearing, highlighted by yellow tones that contrast against deep blues behind her—their subtle bond further emphasizing the intense character’s depth displayed so delicately in Goya’s brushstrokes.

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