Marquesa Mariana de Pontejos (c.1786) by Francisco Goya

Marquesa Mariana de Pontejos - Francisco Goya - c.1786

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Artwork Information

TitleMarquesa Mariana de Pontejos
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions212 x 126 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Marquesa Mariana de Pontejos

The artwork “Marquesa Mariana de Pontejos” is a portrait painted by the renowned Spanish artist Francisco Goya circa 1786. This oil on canvas piece measures 212 by 126 centimeters and is an exquisite representation of the Romanticism art movement, characterized by its depiction of emotion and individualism. The genre of this painting is a portrait, and it masterfully captures the likeness and societal standing of the Marquesa in that historical period.

The artwork depicts Marquesa Mariana de Pontejos standing elegantly in a lavish outdoor setting. She is adorned in a luxuriant dress that exemplifies the fashion of the time, with a full skirt elegantly decorated with floral arrangements and ribbons. Her stance is poised and confident, holding a delicate rose in her hand, which adds a hint of softness and femininity to her portrayal. The light, airy brushstrokes give life to her attire, creating a sense of movement and texture in the fabrics.

The large straw hat with white ribbons sits atop her meticulously styled hair, framing her youthful face which is marked with a subtle, refined expression. The background, while subdued and lacking in detail, suggests an expansive landscape that recedes into a soft, hazy sky, lending the marquesa prominence and stature. At her feet, a small dog gazes up at her, symbolizing loyalty and perhaps the subject’s status. The overall composition conveys a blend of grace and sophistication, hallmarks of Goya’s portraiture during this period of his career.

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