Marquesan landscape with horses (1901; French Polynesia) by Paul Gauguin

Marquesan landscape with horses - Paul Gauguin - 1901; French Polynesia

Artwork Information

TitleMarquesan landscape with horses
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1901; French Polynesia
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Marquesan landscape with horses

The artwork “Marquesan landscape with horses” is a captivating oil on canvas painting by the esteemed artist Paul Gauguin, completed in 1901 during his time in French Polynesia. This exquisite piece belongs to the Post-Impressionism art movement and encompasses the landscape genre. As of now, the painting is housed within a private collection, signifying its exclusive availability to the public.

In the artwork, the observer is presented with a composition that captures the lush, vibrant environment of the Marquesan Islands. One’s gaze is drawn to the foreground, where rich, vivid botanical elements showcase Gauguin’s heightened sensitivity to the color and form of the tropical flora. Amidst the tapestry of greens, yellows, and reds, the quiet existence of horses is implied in the middle ground. They are integrated subtly into the scene, almost merging with the land itself, reinforcing the harmony between nature and creature.

The background extends further into a dense arrangement of trees and foliage, with various shades of green and hints of floral colors breaking through the canopy. The atmosphere of the painting is imbued with a sense of tranquility, suggesting a world untouched by modernity’s swift pace. Gauguin’s signature marks the lower right portion of the painting, a testament to his presence within this serene landscape he so masterfully encapsulated.

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