Marshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery (c.1893) by Henri Rousseau

Marshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery - Henri Rousseau - c.1893

Artwork Information

TitleMarshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery
ArtistHenri Rousseau
Dimensions73 x 92 cm
Art MovementNaïve Art (Primitivism)
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Marshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery

The artwork “Marshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery” was created by Henri Rousseau circa 1893. This portrait, measuring 73 by 92 cm, is an oil on canvas piece and is currently part of a private collection. As a representative of the Naïve Art movement, particularly Primitivism, the artwork has a distinct style that is characterized by its simplicity and raw portrayal of the subject matter.

The artwork portrays a standing uniformed figure, centrally positioned against a subdued landscape background. The subject, Frumence Biche, is depicted in full military attire associated with the 35th Artillery; the uniform is primarily dark, adorned with red and golden details. His right hand rests on his hip while his left hand loosely holds a saber. The detailing of the uniform, including the buttons and the stripes on the trousers, is meticulous, contributing to the overall dignified portrayal of the subject.

The facial features of the subject are rendered in a flat, almost caricature-like manner, capturing a direct yet calm gaze that seems to engage the viewer. The mustache is noticeably distinct, contributing to the character of the portrait. The horizon in the background suggests a vast and open space, which contrasts with the detailed and grounded figure of Biche.

Despite its intricacies, the artwork reflects a straightforward approach to subject and composition, hallmarks of Rousseau’s self-taught style. The artist’s signature is located at the bottom right, confirming the authenticity of the artwork. Its placement in a private collection means that the piece may not be easily accessible for public viewing, making it an intriguing part of Rousseau’s artistic output.

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