Mary with the Child and Saints (c.1510) by Titian

Mary with the Child and Saints - Titian - c.1510

Artwork Information

TitleMary with the Child and Saints
Dimensions108 x 132 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Mary with the Child and Saints

The artwork “Mary with the Child and Saints” by Titian, dated circa 1510, exemplifies the High Renaissance art movement. This religious painting, executed in oil on canvas, measures 108 by 132 centimeters. The artwork, which is part of the collection at the Louvre in Paris, France, captures a religious scene imbued with the spiritual and artistic ideals of the era.

The artwork depicts a serene and composed Mary holding the Christ Child. Both central figures radiate a sense of divine tranquility, which is a characteristic of many religious works of the period. To the left, Mary is shown with her head gently tilted as she gazes downward toward the Child, who reciprocates her contemplative look. The Child’s gesture towards Mary is a testament to the bond shared between mother and son, and is symbolic of his future sacrifice according to Christian belief.

Accompanying them are saintly figures who exhibit a combination of solemnity and engagement in their divine reading and contemplation. On the right side of the painting, two male figures are portrayed in vibrant red cloaks, which communicate their importance and status. One of them holds a tome, suggesting a scholarly pursuit or a revelation of scriptural text, while the other individuals attentively partake in this moment of divine revelation or instruction.

The palette utilized by Titian is characterized by rich and deep hues that convey a sense of depth and volume. The use of chiaroscuro, the contrast between light and dark, imparts a three-dimensional quality to the figures, highlighting their physical and emotional presence within the composition. The artwork’s precise composition and the harmonious arrangement of figures manifest the balance and proportion celebrated during the High Renaissance, reflecting the theological and philosophical values of the time.

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