Mask with Horns (African Art)

Mask with Horns - African Art -

Artwork Information

TitleMask with Horns
ArtistAfrican Art
Dimensions10 x 9 x 3 1/2 in.
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

About Mask with Horns

African masks have a long history in African art and can serve many purposes, including religious and cultural ceremonies, celebrations, and entertainment. The use of horns as decorative elements is common in many African masks. The materials and techniques used to make African masks vary from culture to culture, with some using wood, clay, or even metal.

African mask makers often incorporate a mix of decorative elements, such as feathers, shells, and intricate designs. While some African masks are meant to be humorous, others are designed to inspire fear or respect. The symbolism and meaning of each mask vary depending on the culture and specific mask.

Students can create their own African-inspired art masks by reflecting on the significance of the materials they choose to incorporate. They can draw inspiration from traditional masks or create something entirely new. Overall, African masks are a rich and complex form of art and a reflection of African culture and heritage.

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