Maternity (1950) by Milton Avery

Maternity - Milton Avery - 1950

Artwork Information

ArtistMilton Avery
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 x 46 in.

About Maternity

Milton Avery was an American painter known for his use of color and simplified forms. He worked with oils and watercolors to capture daily life, including portraits and landscapes. His work fell in the middle period between Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism.

One of Avery’s iconic paintings is “Maternity,” which he created in 1950. The painting depicts a woman sitting upright while nursing her baby. The soft curves of the mother and child are portrayed with warm pastel colors against a soothing blue background. This piece is part of Avery’s body of work that focuses on everyday life scenes, highlighting its simplicity through vivid colors.

Avery’s approach to art expresses flat contour lines finished with painterly brushstrokes, which gives texture to otherwise monotone compositions. His unique style sets him apart from other artists who followed the realistic styles prevalent during his time.

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