Maul (2108) 15F (2021) by Dominique Dupin

Maul (2108) 15F - Dominique Dupin - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleMaul (2108) 15F
ArtistDominique Dupin
MediumOil on Linen

About Maul (2108) 15F

The artwork titled “Maul (2108) 15F” is a creation by the artist Dominique Dupin, completed in the year 2021. It is an oil on linen work, with dimensions measuring 25.6 by 21.3 inches. As a genre painting belonging to the figurative movement, the piece captures a moment drawn from everyday life or a recognizable scene, presented through a representational style.

The painting itself is vibrant and dynamic, depicting what appears to be a group of rugby players engaged in a maul. The use of thick, impasto brushstrokes conveys a sense of movement and energy, with the figures almost blurring into one another. The palette is rich and varied, embracing bold hues that contribute to the feeling of chaos and physicality inherent in the sporting event. The foreground figures are prominent, wearing deep reds and yellows, while the background dissolves into abstract shapes and colors, emphasizing the action at the forefront. Despite the scene’s vigor, individual details such as facial features and precise clothing elements are not clearly delineated, inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork through the emotive power of color and texture rather than through narrative specificity.

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