Measuring Clothes (1994) by Sigmar Polke

Measuring Clothes - Sigmar Polke - 1994

Artwork Information

TitleMeasuring Clothes
ArtistSigmar Polke
MediumFabric And Paint On Canvas
Dimensions230 x 300 cm
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Measuring Clothes

Measuring Clothes is an artwork created by Sigmar Polke in 1994. This piece of art is a mixed media installation that includes twenty-six mounted photographs and four sets of clothing arranged on freestanding coat racks. The installation explores the relationship between mass production and individual identity.

Polke’s use of non-traditional materials and techniques in his work is evident in Measuring Clothes. By incorporating everyday objects like clothing into his artwork, Polke questions the role of art in society and critiques the consumer culture that dominates contemporary life.

Measuring Clothes also showcases Polke’s innovative approach to painting, which he developed based on his travels. His paintings simulate the visual effects of mechanized offset printing, creating abstract patterns that challenge traditional notions of composition and style.

Overall, Measuring Clothes represents Sigmar Polke’s irreverent wit, critique of art itself, and groundbreaking contributions to contemporary art. As one of the most influential artists of the post-war generation, Polke’s legacy continues to inspire artists around the world today.

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