Merry Company (1630) by Judith Leyster

Merry Company - Judith Leyster - 1630

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Artwork Information

TitleMerry Company
ArtistJudith Leyster
Dimensions57 x 68 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Merry Company

The artwork titled “Merry Company” is a work of the Dutch artist Judith Leyster, created in the year 1630. This oil on canvas measures 57 x 68 cm and is a fine example of the Baroque period and the genre painting style. It is currently housed in the renowned Louvre museum in Paris, France.

In “Merry Company,” the viewer is presented with an intimate scene of conviviality. The artwork depicts two figures, a man and a woman, who appear to be engaged in a moment of lighthearted enjoyment. The man, positioned on the right of the composition, sports a wide-brimmed hat and is playing a string instrument, likely a violin or similar in nature. He is turned towards the woman, sharing a connection through their engaging glances and smiles. The woman, to the left and slightly behind the man, is wearing a traditional bonnet and is in the act of pouring a drink from a pitcher into a glass, further contributing to the celebratory atmosphere.

The expressions on the faces of the two characters convey a sense of mirth and camaraderie, with a slightly mischievous undercurrent that suggests a private joke or shared amusement. The garments and accessories of the figures are rendered in great detail, showcasing the ruffled textures of collars and the play of light on the metallic surfaces of the pitcher and glass. Through this interaction, Leyster masterfully captures the essence of jovial company and a snapshot of everyday life, a characteristic pursuit of the genre painting tradition during her time. The positioning of the characters within the artwork’s spatial confines and the use of light accentuate the momentary joy they share, encapsulating the essence of the Baroque movement’s interest in drama, emotion, and movement.

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