Merzbild 1924, I. Relief Mit Kruez Und Kugel (1924) by Kurt Schwitters

Merzbild 1924, I

Artwork Information

TitleMerzbild 1924, I. Relief Mit Kruez Und Kugel
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions27 1/8 x 13 1/2 in. (69 x 34.2 cm)
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About Merzbild 1924, I. Relief Mit Kruez Und Kugel

Kurt Schwitters, a well-known Dada artist, created Merzbild 1924, I. Relief Mit Kruez Und Kugel in the year of 1924. This sculpture incorporated found objects and collage to create a unique composition. The artwork consists of a wooden board with geometric shapes made out of various materials such as metal, wire mesh, nails and other objects which are painted black. One notable feature is the presence of a cross and ball element located near the top of the artwork.

Schwitters’ interest in Constructivist abstract idioms during the early 1920s is evident in this artwork. He is best known for his Merz and Merzbau works which typically include found objects, typography and sound poetry to construct unique compositions.

While working on the Hanover Merzbau from around 1923 until 1937 when he fled to Norway to escape Nazi Germany, he crafted this masterpiece incorporating his signature style into it. Unfortunately, the original Merzbau was destroyed in an Allied bombing raid in 1943 while Schwitters was in exile.

Kurt Schwitters’ artistic abilities were unparalleled at this time period; his works helped define Dadaism while also showcasing Constructivist principles that would influence modern art for years to come.

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