Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow) (c. 1939) by Kurt Schwitters

Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow) - Kurt Schwitters - c.1939

Artwork Information

TitleMerzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow)
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions155.9 x 121 cm
Art MovementDada
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow)

The artwork titled “Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow)” was created by artist Kurt Schwitters around 1939. This assemblage piece belongs to the Dada art movement and is considered an abstract work. Measuring 155.9 by 121 cm, it currently resides in a private collection.

The artwork presents a complex arrangement of found objects and painted elements, characteristic of the artist’s Merz style, which involves the incorporation of diverse materials into a unified composition. The use of various textures and the juxtaposition of different shapes create a dynamic visual experience. Notable within this assemblage is the partial depiction of a rainbow, which introduces a spectrum of color against the otherwise subdued palette. The assortment of materials, including wood, paper, and possibly metal, are assembled in such a way that they project out from the background, giving the piece a multi-dimensional, sculptural effect.

Schwitters’ practice in creating such works was driven by an interest in challenging traditional art forms and exploring the potential of everyday materials to convey artistic expression. In “Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow)”, one observes the playful yet thoughtful composition that reflects the anti-establishment ethos of the Dada movement, questioning the conventional notions of beauty and order in art.

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