Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits (1916) by Giorgio De Chirico

Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits - Giorgio De Chirico - 1958

Artwork Information

TitleMetaphysical Interior with Biscuits
ArtistGiorgio De Chirico
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions32 x 25 5/8 in.
Art MovementMetaphysical art
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits

The artwork “Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits” is a quintessential example of Giorgio De Chirico’s contribution to the Metaphysical art movement. Completed in 1958, this oil on canvas piece measures 32 x 25 5/8 inches, and it is currently housed in a private collection. The genre of the piece is considered an interior, reflecting the artist’s deep exploration of architectural spaces and their psychological effects.

The artwork presents a highly stylized interior scene, composed with a variety of geometric shapes and figures that seem to be carefully arranged to evoke a sense of mystery and enigma. The central composition features architectural and furniture-like elements rendered in a sharp perspectival manner, alongside sweeter elements in the form of what appear to be biscuits. Unlike conventional depictions of interior spaces, the artwork includes various abstract and inanimate objects placed in a dreamlike arrangement, which contributes to a sense of the uncanny or a distortion of reality.

Distinctive features include the combination of stark lines and angles of the synthetic figures against what might be an implied space. The presence of elongated shadows and the interplay of light serve to enhance the depth and dimensionality of the composition. The color palette is relatively restrained, relying on contrasting hues to delineate forms and provide a three-dimensional effect. The biscuits, the most literal elements in the work, add an element of whimsy contrasting with the more symbolic forms and contribute to the overall metaphysical atmosphere that characterizes De Chirico’s art.

By juxtaposing everyday objects with a mystifying spatial arrangement, the artwork invites interpretation and underscores De Chirico’s fascination with the surreal qualities of ordinary spaces and items, transformed in such a way as to transcend their mundanity.

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