Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits (1916) by Giorgio De Chirico

Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits - Giorgio De Chirico - 1958

Artwork Information

TitleMetaphysical Interior with Biscuits
ArtistGiorgio De Chirico
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions32 x 25 5/8 in.
Art MovementMetaphysical art
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits

Giorgio de Chirico’s Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits is one of the earliest paintings in a series that lasted throughout his career. Depicting a room filled with squares and geometric forms, the painting includes everyday objects like a biscuit, penny-whistle, box of matches, and red and white striped ring. De Chirico was known for expressing mystery through personal consciousness of objects and surfaces in his paintings.

The artist used metaphysical elements to create an unsettling atmosphere in the painting. It has been suggested that the different shapes could represent different levels of consciousness or even an alternate reality. However, some speculate that these shapes are reminiscent of ancient architecture from de Chirico’s hometown.

Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits is part of the Menil Collection in Houston Texas where visitors can experience firsthand de Chirico’s unique take on everyday objects and how he incorporated them into his mysterious metaphysical style. The painting continues to be admired by art lovers worldwide as a prime example of this artist’s genius work with simple objects transformed by creative imagination to evoke complex feelings from viewers.

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