Midsummer (1887) by Albert Joseph Moore

Midsummer - Albert Joseph Moore - 1887

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Dimensions155 x 160 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Midsummer

“Midsummer” is an 1887 oil on canvas painting by Albert Joseph Moore, created in the United Kingdom and belonging to the Academicism movement. The artwork measures 155 x 160 cm and is considered a genre painting.

In the painting “Midsummer,” the artist Albert Joseph Moore presents a tranquil scene dominated by three women dressed in rich orange draperies, reminiscent of classical antiquity. The central figure is seated on an elaborately carved chair with ornate decorations, suggesting a setting of luxury and refinement. Her pose is relaxed, with her head tilted to one side, seemingly in a state of serene repose or sleep. The two standing figures flank her; each holds an open fan, which they use to create a breeze. Their gentle actions and the fans they hold hint at an attempt to cool or soothe the central figure, evoking a sense of care and calmness.

The attention to detail in the clothing, the architectural elements, and the naturalistic rendering of the figures are characteristic of the Academicism movement, emphasizing the beauty of the idealized classical form. Moore’s use of color, particularly the vibrant orange of the drapery against the neutrals of the background, focuses attention on the figures and enhances the overall sense of harmony and peacefulness present in the composition. The setting and attire suggest an atmosphere of leisure and classic elegance, transporting viewers to a timeless space of beauty and repose.

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