Miners (c.1934 – 1938) by Jackson Pollock

Miners - Jackson Pollock - c.1934 - 1938

Artwork Information

ArtistJackson Pollock
Datec.1934 - 1938
Art MovementExpressionism

About Miners

The artwork titled “Miners” by Jackson Pollock was created during the period of circa 1934 to 1938 and belongs to the Expressionism movement. As a genre painting, it reflects scenes from everyday life, especially the lives of common people.

The artwork depicts several figures working within the confines of a dark, subterranean mining shaft. The scene is characterized by the use of stark monochromatic contrasts, with black and white tones dominating the composition, which adds to the sense of depth and foreboding. The miners are shown in various poses, engaged in their arduous labor; some bend, while others handle materials or tools, their bodies contorted by the physical demands of their environment.

The style of Expressionism is evident in the way that the figures and their surroundings are portrayed—not with photorealistic accuracy, but with emotional and expressive distortions that aim to evoke the viewer’s empathy for the miners’ plight. The harsh lines, bold strokes, and dynamic angles underline the intense and challenging nature of the work being performed.

Overall, the artwork conveys a strong sense of movement and tension, capturing not only the physicality of the miners’ work but perhaps also commenting on the broader social and personal implications of such labor. Pollock successfully conveys a raw and powerful narrative through this expressionist depiction, inviting reflection on the human condition and the realities faced by workers of the time.

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