Miss Van Buren (c. 1886-90) by Thomas Eakins

Miss Van Buren - Thomas Eakins - c. 1886-90

Artwork Information

TitleMiss Van Buren
ArtistThomas Eakins
Datec. 1886-90
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions113.1 x 81.3 cm (44 1/2 x 32 in.)
Current LocationThe Phillips Collection, Washington

About Miss Van Buren

Thomas Eakins’s painting “Miss Amelia Van Buren” is a masterpiece of American Realism. It was painted around 1891 and depicts great psychological complexity. Eakins, who was known for his precise investigation of the human form and natural world, centered his attention on Van Buren’s face and hands.

Amelia Van Buren was an artist who studied under Eakins, who considered her “one of his most gifted pupils.” The portrait is part of a series titled “Women in Pink” and is one of Eakins’s finest works. He renounced idealized and romantic depictions in favor of realistic representation, which can be seen in the intricate details he captured in the painting.

After being forced to resign from the Pennsylvania Academy in 1886, Eakins focused almost solely on portraiture. His dedication to depicting his subjects with precision can be seen in this work. The painting showcases not only Van Buren’s physical appearance but also her inner thoughts and emotions as expressed through her posture and expression.

Overall, “Miss Amelia Van Buren” is a stunning example of American Realism art that captures both the physical and emotional essence of its subject. It remains one of Thomas Eakins’s most celebrated works to date.

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