Missing (1899) by Frederic Remington

Missing - Frederic Remington - 1899

Artwork Information

ArtistFrederic Remington
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions29 1/2 x 50 inches
Current LocationGilcrease Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma

About Missing

Renowned American artist Frederic Remington created the now-iconic oil painting, “Missing,” also known as “The Captive,” in 1899. The painting depicts a Native American man who appears to have been bound and taken away, leaving only his empty clothing behind. The use of deep earth tones and striking contrast draw the viewer’s attention to the central figure of the painting and create a sense of tension.

Remington was a proficient writer, illustrator, painter, and sculptor who specialized in artistic depictions of the American Old West. His work came to define this era for subsequent generations. Several famous Remington works are part of The Amon G. Carter Collection.

This oil painting on canvas is an exceptional representation of Remington’s talent for telling stories through art – something he was known for during his lifetime. With its powerful message conveyed in unique style, “Missing” cements its place as one of Frederic Remington’s most enduring pieces that solidified his legacy as one of America’s best-known Western artists who was dedicated to preserving Western heritage through art.

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