Monk Filaret Imprisoned in the Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery by Ilya Repin

Monk Filaret Imprisoned in the Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery - Ilya Repin -

Artwork Information

TitleMonk Filaret Imprisoned in the Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Monk Filaret Imprisoned in the Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery

“Monk Filaret Imprisoned in the Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery” is a work by Russian artist Ilya Repin, who was a prominent figure in the Realism art movement. This piece is classified as a history painting, a genre known for its depiction of historical events or figures in a way that reflects the social values and feelings of the time in which the work was created.

In the artwork, the scene is set within a dimly lit, austere cell, reflecting the grim reality of imprisonment within a monastery. Three figures occupy the composition. The central figure, presumed to be Monk Filaret, is dramatically lit, capturing the viewer’s attention. He is shown experiencing extreme anguish or perhaps in fervent prayer, gripping his beard with a pained expression on his face, indicating his torment or devout contemplation.

To the left stands a monk, clothed in traditional religious garb, possibly a guard or a visitor. His posture is erect, and his countenance, stern as he seems to be addressing or judging Filaret. He is partially in the shadows, symbolic of the power and opacity of the ecclesiastical authority overseeing the monk’s fate.

The third figure is seated at a table to the right, caught in a sliver of light that enters the cell, which suggests a possible connection to the outside world or a distant source of hope. This figure’s attention is directed towards written material, possibly holy scripture or some administrative document related to the imprisoned monk.

The surroundings are simple and rudimentary, with stone walls and minimal furnishings that include a bed and the table, emphasizing the stark environment of the cell. Overall, Repin’s work vividly portrays the emotional tension of the scene, capturing the psychological and physical confinement experienced by Monk Filaret.

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