Monogram (1955-9) by Robert Rauschenberg

Monogram - Rauschenberg, Robert - 1955-9 - 2

Artwork Information

ArtistRobert Rauschenberg
Mediummixed media
Dimensions42 x 64 x 64 1/2 in
Art MovementNeo-Dada
Current LocationModerna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
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About Monogram

Monogram, a beloved Abstract painting created by Robert Rauschenberg, is an art piece that combines traditional painting and sculpture techniques. This masterpiece was crafted over the years between 1955 to 1959 and is currently in the collection of Moderna Museet, Stockholm. The artwork has pushed artistic boundaries as it moved from the wall to the pedestal infusing different mediums together.

Robert Rauschenberg’s artwork Monogram merges oil on canvas, paper and wood painting into a creative category he coined “Combine.” It also pushes the already established genre further by merging painting and sculpture into one piece. The artwork comprises multiple tangible elements like paper, fabric, printed paper, reproductions along with rubber shoe heel, metal scraps mounted on four casters. It adds depth and dimension to his work making it more relatable for viewers.

Not only did Robert Rauschenberg use unconventional mediums while creating Monogram but he also challenged conventional gestural abstract painting suggested by his predecessors in Abstract Expressionism movement. He dismissed their idea that art pieces should represent a heroic self-expressive expression; instead believing any medium or notion used could define meaningful art pieces giving artists new freedom to explore unique ideas.

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