Moon Pine, Ueno (1857) by Hiroshige Ando

Moon Pine, Ueno - Hiroshige Ando - 1857

Artwork Information

TitleMoon Pine, Ueno
ArtistHiroshige Ando
Dimensions13 1/4 x 8 5/8 in.
Current LocationThe Brooklyn Museum

About Moon Pine, Ueno

‘Moon Pine, Ueno’ is one of the most famous woodblock prints created by Hiroshige Ando in 1857 as part of his collection ‘100 Famous Views of Edo.’ It is number 89 in the series and portrays a moon pine on the temple precincts at Ueno. Pines were often named in Edo, and the tree depicted in this print was renowned for its unique shape, which can still be seen today.

Hiroshige Ando was a master of ukiyo-e tradition and primarily known for his landscapes. He completed this print two years before his death, and it became an instant classic. The artwork’s attention to detail is remarkable, with each delicately carved line bringing life to the Moon Pine’s intricate trunks and branches.

The ‘Moon Pine, Ueno’ woodblock print has been reproduced into many different formats over time, including giclee prints. The image retains its timeless beauty today, still captivating audiences worldwide with its intricate lines and exquisite detail. This artwork is a testament to Hiroshige Ando’s creative vision and mastery of the woodblock printing technique.

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