Moonlight Interior (1921 – 1923) by Edward Hopper

Moonlight Interior - Edward Hopper - 1921 - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleMoonlight Interior
ArtistEdward Hopper
Date1921 - 1923
Art MovementNew Realism

About Moonlight Interior

The artwork “Moonlight Interior” by Edward Hopper, created sometime between 1921 and 1923, is a notable piece executed using oil on canvas. This work is classified within the New Realism art movement and depicts a nude figure in a genre of nude painting (nu). It also forms part of the artist’s ‘Window’ paintings series.

This provocative artwork presents a scene of quiet introspection and solitude. A nude female figure is captured from behind, seated with her back against the viewer. She is positioned near an open window, through which the dim light of dusk or dawn gently pervades the room. The soft, ambient light casts shadows and subtly highlights portions of her body and the room’s interior. Edward Hopper’s attentive use of light and shadow intensifies the mood of serene stillness and contemplation.

Beyond the window, the silhouettes of urban buildings are visible, suggestive of an enclosed city environment which contrasts with the intimate setting of the room. The juxtaposition of the inner repose of the figure against the distant urban landscape creates a compelling narrative element. This piece exemplifies Hopper’s capacity to evoke emotion and narrative through his distinct interpretative use of color, form, and light to capture moments of solitude and reflection.

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