Morning, Catskill Valley (the Red Oaks) (1894) by George Inness

Morning, Catskill Valley (the Red Oaks) - George Inness - 1894

Artwork Information

TitleMorning, Catskill Valley (the Red Oaks)
ArtistGeorge Inness
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions35 3/8 x 53 3/4 in (89.9 x 136.5 cm)
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About Morning, Catskill Valley (the Red Oaks)

Morning, Catskill Valley (The Red Oaks) is a Tonalist painting by George Inness, completed in 1894. The painting depicts a domesticated landscape with a church, fields and hayricks. The church becomes the focal point of the painting and creates balance with the surrounding elements.

Inness’s use of color and light in this painting is typical of his early style. He uses a muted palette dominated by blues and greens that gives the landscape an atmospheric quality. The red oaks in the foreground provide contrast to these muted colors and add vibrancy to the overall painting.

Morning, Catskill Valley (The Red Oaks) has been exhibited at various museums including The Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts and Terra Museum of American Art, Illinois. It has also been auctioned for high prices due to its exceptional detail and unique style.

Prints or oil on canvas reproductions of this artwork are available for purchase for those who wish to own it but cannot afford an original piece of art.

Overall, Morning, Catskill Valley (The Red Oaks) is considered one of Inness’s most well-known works as it showcases not only his early artistic abilities but also his innovative use of coloration to create depth within landscapes.

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