MORNING DEW (2023) by Inez Froehlich

MORNING DEW - Inez Froehlich - 2023

Artwork Information

ArtistInez Froehlich
MediumAcrylic, Gilding on Canvas


The artwork entitled “MORNING DEW” was created by the artist Inez Froehlich in the year 2023. It is an abstract piece, rendered in acrylic with gilding on canvas, a medium well-suited for the rich textures and depth that characterize the work. The dimensions of this substantial piece measure 31.5 by 63 inches. As an exemplar of the abstract genre, it participates in the broader abstract art movement, which prioritizes form, color, and gestural expression over representational accuracy.

“MORNING DEW” presents a captivating visual field that is rhythmically complex and richly textured. The work is dominated by a palette that conjures a subdued interplay between earthy tones and ethereal blues. Hues of what might be interpreted as rust or copper intersperse with variations of blue, suggesting the intermingling of natural elements—possibly the titular dew—with surfaces aged and weathered over time. The gilding introduces elements of luminosity and reflection, which may evoke the way morning light interacts with dew droplets.

Its abstract nature leaves ample room for interpretation, allowing the viewer to wade into the depths of its layered colors and scratched surfaces, almost as though tracing the history and temporal progression of a natural landscape transformed by the elements. Horizontal stratification within the artwork suggests a landscape-oriented vista, while the vertical drips and textural interruptions create a palpable sense of movement and dynamism. The application of paint, with varied pressure and technique, implies a tactile experience akin to the rhythms of nature—from serene to turbulent.

In summary, “MORNING DEW” by Inez Froehlich is a textured abstract painting that melds the organic with the elemental through a harmonious yet complex application of acrylic and gilding on canvas. The work invites thoughtful reflection and personal interpretation, emphasizing the emotive power of abstract artistic expression.

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