Morning in a City (1944) by Edward Hopper

Morning in a City - Edward Hopper - 1944

Artwork Information

TitleMorning in a City
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism

About Morning in a City

The artwork “Morning in a City” by Edward Hopper was crafted in 1944 using oil on canvas. It is representative of the New Realism art movement and categorized under the genre of nude painting (nu). This painting belongs to Hopper’s series of ‘Window’ paintings, which explore themes of solitude and urban life.

The artwork itself captures a solitary female figure standing nude by a sunlit window in an urban environment. The composition is marked by Hopper’s characteristic play of light and shadow, with the morning light entering through the window and casting a warm glow on the subject and the room. The woman appears introspective and detached, gazing into the distance, a motif that reflects the sense of isolation often found in Hopper’s depictions of individuals in modern cityscapes. The room is sparsely furnished, with a bed, a side table, and what appears to be an empty wall facing the viewer. The background visible through the window suggests an early morning in a densely built area, hinting at the presence of life beyond the quiet interior. Through this painting, Hopper communicates a moment of private contemplation amidst the vastness of urban life.

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