Mother with Children (c.1909 – c.1910) by Gustav Klimt

Mother with Children - Gustav Klimt - c.1909 - c.1910

Artwork Information

TitleMother with Children
ArtistGustav Klimt
Datec.1909 - c.1910
Art MovementSymbolism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Mother with Children

The artwork titled “Mother with Children” was created by the acclaimed artist Gustav Klimt around 1909 to 1910. A portrait by genre, it is crafted in oil on canvas and stands as a fine example of the Symbolism art movement. The piece is currently held in a private collection, eluding public display.

The artwork presents a profoundly intimate and emotive scene featuring a mother enveloped by the darkness of the background, seemingly cradling her children in a protective embrace. The figures are rendered with loose, expressive brushstrokes typical of Klimt’s style during this period, which often combined elements of realism and abstraction. The dominant use of earthy, dark tones creates a heavy, almost somber atmosphere. The children’s faces appear to float against this dark backdrop, their visages simplified yet suffused with a kind of tranquility. The mother’s figure occupies the central part of the composition, her form merging with the surrounding darkness, illustrating both a physical and emotional unity between her and her offspring. The touches of lighter hues on their faces bring a focus to their expressions of serene repose. Overall, Klimt’s handling of the subject matter reflects both a modern form of portraiture and his ongoing exploration of human relationships, particularly the deep bond between a mother and her children.

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