Mount Aetna From Taormina (1844) by Thomas Cole

Mount Aetna From Taormina - Thomas Cole - 1844

Artwork Information

TitleMount Aetna From Taormina
ArtistThomas Cole
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 1/4 x 48 in (81.9 x 121.9 cm)

About Mount Aetna From Taormina

Thomas Cole’s painting, “Mount Aetna From Taormina,” was created in 1842 and is a fine example of Romanticism in landscape art. The oil on canvas painting measures 32 x 48 cm and provides a detailed study of the ruins of an amphitheater with light pencil marks in the background outlining the summit of Mount Aetna. Cole’s emotional response to this magnificent site is recorded at the top of the sheet.

In addition to this artwork, similar paintings were created by Thomas Cole in 1843 depicting Mount Etna from different perspectives. Some of his works have been uploaded on various art platforms, including USEUM and The painting is available for purchase as wall art or home decor, as well as apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more.

Cole was a prominent painter associated with the Hudson River School movement in America during the mid-19th century. His notable artworks include “The Garden of Eden,” “The Titan’s Goblet,” and “The Course of Empire: Desolation.” The provenance records show that M. Knoedler and Co., New York acquired this artwork along with Walter.

In conclusion, Thomas Cole’s “Mount Aetna From Taormina” is a stunning piece that captures the beauty of nature coupled with architectural ruins from an artist’s perspective during Romanticism Era in Landscape Art; it remains an excellent representation even today for individuals who appreciate diverse forms of creative works.

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