Mount Kolsaas 3 (1895) by Claude Monet

Mount Kolsaas 3 - Claude Monet - 1895

Artwork Information

TitleMount Kolsaas 3
ArtistClaude Monet
Art MovementImpressionism

About Mount Kolsaas 3

The artwork titled “Mount Kolsaas 3” was crafted by the celebrated artist Claude Monet in 1895. As an integral component of the “Mount Kolsaas” series, this particular painting exemplifies the Impressionism movement, a period famed for its distinct brushwork and light portrayal. The genre of this artwork is categorized as a landscape, capturing the natural essence and scenic beauty through Monet’s subjective perspective.

“Mount Kolsaas 3” is characterized by an array of brisk brushstrokes that coalesce to depict the majesty of the mountain range. Monet’s mastery in capturing the nuances of natural light and his distinctive approach to color is evident in the subtle interplay between the different hues of browns, greens, and blues. The mountain itself dominates the composition, with various textural elements suggesting the rough, rocky terrain and sparse vegetation. The sky, though largely subdued, contains faint traces of warmer tones, hinting at a specific time of day. Overall, Claude Monet’s “Mount Kolsaas 3” is an exemplary work that invites contemplation on the ephemeral nature of light and the enduring allure of the landscape.

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