Mr. Hulings’ Rack Picture (1888) by William Harnett

Mr. Hulings' Rack Picture - William Harnett - 1888

Artwork Information

TitleMr. Hulings' Rack Picture
ArtistWilliam Harnett
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions76.2 x 63.5 cm (30 x 25 in.)
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Mr. Hulings' Rack Picture

William Michael Harnett’s “Mr. Hulings’ Rack Picture” is an oil on canvas painting from 1888, measuring 40 x 30 inches. The still-life painting is one of the most notable examples of trompe l’oeil art that depicts a wooden rack holding various items like correspondence and cash. The painting is currently housed at the Hood Museum of Art.

The focus of the artwork is entirely on a display of cash, which seems to envelop the viewer in its singular subject matter. The realism created gives an impression to viewers that they could simply reach out and touch the items themselves. This effect was achieved by carefully paying attention to detail while using rich colors such as golds, greens, and browns.

It’s interesting to note William Harnett was known for his ability to create hyper-realistic works because he paid careful attention to light sources and shading techniques incorporated into his pieces. His artistic skills are showcased in Mr.Hulings’ Rack Picture through remarkable accuracy in reproducing banknotes variety up against other everyday objects with great care; so much so that it’s often hard distinguishing painted paper from reality.

Overall, William Harnett’s Mr.Hulings’ Rack Picture stands out as both an excellent example of trompe l’oeil art and as an impressively realistic portrayal of currency notes within a domestic setting. It’s a must-visit for those interested in American art, still-life paintings or even simply want to experience what it feels like to be immersed inside such intricate work closely representing creative artistic mastery that represents realism beyond expectation.

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