Mrs. Peter William Baker (1781) by Thomas Gainsborough

Mrs. Peter William Baker - Thomas Gainsborough - 1781

Artwork Information

TitleMrs. Peter William Baker
ArtistThomas Gainsborough
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions89 5/8 x 59 3/4 in. (227.6 x 151.8 cm)
Current LocationFrick Collection, New York

About Mrs. Peter William Baker

In 1781, renowned British artist Thomas Gainsborough created an oil-on-canvas portrait of Mrs. Peter William Baker, also known as Jane Clitherow. The painting, measuring 89 5/8 × 59 3/4 inches (227.6 × 151.8 cm), is now held at The Frick Collection in New York City, as part of the Henry Clay Frick Bequest.

The portrait is representative of 18th century portrait paintings from Great Britain, showcasing intricate details and a focus on the subject’s facial expression and attire. Mrs. Peter William Baker, who was a member of the Clitherow family of Boston, Lincolnshire, is depicted wearing an elegant white dress with a blue shawl around her arms. Her expression is serene and dignified, with a slight smile and soft gaze.

Interestingly, Gainsborough was known for his skill in portraying the textures and fabrics of his subjects’ clothing, and this can be clearly seen in Mrs. Peter William Baker’s portrait. The painting is a prime example of Gainsborough’s style and expertise in capturing the essence of his subjects.

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