Music I (1895) by Gustav Klimt

Music I - Klimt, Gustav - 1895 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleMusic I
ArtistGustav Klimt
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions37 x 44.5 cm
Art MovementArt Nouveau
Current LocationBavarian State Painting Collections, Munich, Germany
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About Music I

Gustav Klimt’s “Music I” is a masterpiece that was created in 1895. One of the hallmarks of Klimt’s Art Nouveau style, it portrays an allegorical representation of music. The central figures are a robed woman holding a lyre and a sphinx on the right, surrounded by floral patterns and geometric shapes. Klimt depicts a woman strumming a lyre to the left side of the painting in his usual golden color scheme.

The painting is housed at Neue Pinakothek in Germany, displaying Klimt’s early work and showcasing traditional art themes. Music I exemplifies Klimt’s aptitude for symbolism as he captures emotions through visual elements like colors, shapes, lines, and even textures. For instance, through his use of geometric shapes and hard lines surrounding the figure make her look stiff with barely any movement. At the same time, flowery patterns give way to gentle movements indicating softness.

Klimt is well-known for his musical themes depicted through distinctive motifs like harps, instruments or human figures singing or playing instruments in many other artworks created later on during his career as an artist. Music I holds great significance to art enthusiasts given how it represents social values during its time period while adhering to traditionalist norms brought about by Viennese Secessionist ideology from which such works were produced widely creating plenty more variations over time reflecting modernist ideals upon release matching historic stylistic uniqueness still celebrated up until now because of its innovative technique.

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